Wats App For Users Introduced Another Useful Feature

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Whats app for users Introduced another useful feature. Through this new feature, users will be able to send direct details of the location of their presence.

New York: The most popular messaging application “Whats app” has introduced a very useful feature keeping the needs of its customers.

According to the statement issued by the Whats app, the company has launched its “live locality sharing” directive for sharing with its friends or groups directly to the location you have. With this feature, you can exchange your existing location information with a friend or group in your contact list.

To use this feature, first open the chat window with the person you want to share your location. Then clicking the attachment, select the option of the location that appears in it, then choose the option of sharing a live live. This way your existing location information will reach the recipient in case of Google Map. To use this feature it is important that you have allowed the Whats app to access your location.

The Whats app says that the purpose of introducing this feature to the company is to facilitate users to share their location with friends and family immediately, so they can tell the family that they And are on a safe location.



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